Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scared to Write

I need to stop procrastinating my writing on Phoenix Triumphant. And, it really is still writing more than editing since I haven’t gotten to a point where I can merge things together. I’m a bit fearful that I won’t be merging anything together at this point.

Right now I’m at the point where Phoenix is going to get his siege set up. And, I’ve got questions. Perhaps you do too. I know at least one of my followers is current on the story.

How long is the siege going to last?
Will Phoenix show himself to Wholawski?
Will he risk everything to get inside and be with Sarah?
And if he does, will Wholawski catch them and torture them?
What about Ryan, how much of a part will he play? (I know we’d all like him to keep out of harm’s way, but I know the Gods have plans for the boy.)
Who gets to kill Wholawski?
Will York get a chance to possess his brother, Chester’s, body?
And how are we going to get Lady Miriam out of the dungeon?
Will I ever get a chance to translate the God mixed up message she was shouting when Sarah first saw her?

I could go on, but some of my questions deal with wondering if stuff I’ve already written will come into play. Since there is the possibility it might, I’m not going to give you the spoilers.

At some point I need to stop checking e-mail and replying to my Protagonize notifications and just hunker myself down and write. I am just very scared of what I might end up putting down on paper. Wholawski scares me. He really does. And if you read any of In Support of Vervell, especially those chapters from his point of view, I’m sure you understand. Heck just reading Sarah’s dungeon tour, probably give you enough of an idea of how twisted the man is.

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. *Spook is commenting from under her sofa, for she lives in fear of retribution for what SHE did, and her villain isn't half the madman Wholawski is*

    The siege could take any length of time really - will Wholawski crack and come out to face them, or not?

    Here's a random idea that just popped into my head: The besiegrs orchestrate a distraction, allowing someone to creep into the fortress and get someone to open the door for them when the time comes (we know who this will be I think). If that someone is Phoenix, he could also stop by to see Sarah - whether they get caught or not is up to you - but maybe Wholawski spots him at some stage?
    Then, our certain someone opens the doors and all hell breaks loose. I think you know what to do from there ;)

  2. The only way Wholawski will crack is if he see's Phoenix out there... that would crack him. I think I've got a plan... At least I have a plan to take off around nap time on Sunday to go someplace, avoid the internet and pound out some writing.

    I've been writing, but strangely about a writer in my situation *giggles* Why not right? So long as I"m writing a little every day. *grin*