Thursday, July 26, 2012

They are Men, Manly Men!

But they aren’t men in tights*. Nope they are the men of Sherwood Ltd. and Camilla’s gotten herself all wrapped up with them. Okay, just the one, but her taste in men is slowly improving...

Last night I stayed up till midnight to finish reading the last book of the Camilla Randall Mysteries Set; Sherwood Ltd. by Anne R Allen. I loved it! But here's a more detailed review. *grin*

It starts off with Camilla being penniless, it seems to be something that plagues Camilla a lot. And of course, shortly thereafter, her ability to attract danger rears up its ugly head; again. Her ex-husband, Jonathan, has disappeared with no hope of retrieving the money that should have been hers from him. Desperate, she crashes at her friend Planet’s SF Apartment while he’s away and meets an intriguing English Man in the alley below.

But is Peter Sherwood, a Peter Pan or a Robin Hood? It’s hard to tell, but what’s clear is that Camilla starts falling for him, even though she knows how bad her luck is with guys. But, he gives her an offer she can't refuse and thus her journey to England begins. Upon landing Camilla has hopes for a bright future, until she reaches her destination.

And so begins a complex unraveling of what is truly going on at Sherwood ltd., where nothing is as it seems. But, somehow, thing are unraveled and the story ends; perfectly.
But what intrigues me most is the fact that this book and the second one, Ghost Writers in the Sky, were inspired by events in Anne’s own life. Just goes to show that if you work hard and find your creativity, you can turn what might be a mediocre event into an extraordinary story.

Which reminds me...

The first place my husband (then boyfriend) and I rented together turnout to have been the sight of a triple Murder suicide. And we’re not talking a decade earlier, we’re talking the people who lived there before us. The rental company didn’t tell us, my husband found out with his awesome internet hunting skills (back when Google was in Beta). The event explained why the front hall stairs, and front bedroom/office/closet (it was 5’ x 10’ if that) had brand new carpet and why the back bedroom’s wood floors were painted maroon.

Nothing spooky happened to us, though the downstairs neighbors kept asking if we heard or saw things. Living there gave us street cred too. An important thing when you’re two young white people living in a somewhat Hispanic neighbor hood, with the projects two blocks away.

I suspect if I wanted to, I could turn that into a good story. Obviously something would have to happen, but that’d be the fun of using my imagination. Of course, now that it's out there and you want to run with it – feel free. I won’t make you pay me 50% for the idea. *wink*

:} Cathryn Leigh

*Robin Hood: Men In Tights – directed by Mel Brooks. Delightful film, and I got to see it twice in the movie theater.


  1. Oh, boy do you have the makings of a great story with your house experience. The plot is just jumping off the page. (But I promise not to steal it:-) )

    And thanks a MILLION for the great review. There's nothing an author likes to hear more than that she kept you up past your bedtime. Thank you so much for this!

    1. *grins* If only I worte paranormal... Well I haven't yet, I should probably read some and then I could try my hand at it... Of course I could turn it into some sort of science fiction tale... Oh boy, time to pull out the notebook before the ideas go wild. :}

      And I'm glad you enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed your book. So much easier to write them the day after you finish reading them too. :}

  2. Ahaha, Sherwood was hilarious - I loved Plant. And the name "Plantagenet" for a first name is just awesome. Some of the jokes about England made me giggle properly too. Great review . . . and, as Anne said, that stuff about your house could make for a WONDERFUL plot!

    1. Plant's in the other two books as well. (Which reminds me, I was going to check on something from Book 1).

      You really ought to read the other two - and worse case, I might be able to lend them to you. (If we can figure out how.) :}