Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introducing Myself

Tonight I thought I was going to manage to slip in some editing on my current story in progress. No such luck. I got thoroughly distracted by creating this blog. So, now that the kids are sleeping and this dishes are done I might as well give you a little introductory post.

My name is Cathryn Leigh.

Well that’s the name I had printed on the tags you can sew into things you make. It really is my given name; first and middle. You see when I had those tags made, back when I was twelve, I was thinking. They came in bundles of 500 and I knew I wasn’t about to make 500 things in which to sew the tags before I got married. I also knew I’d take on my husband’s last name. So, Cathryn Leigh it was because, they would never change though my last name might, and has.

I have other names, which complicates things. Real life friends and family call me Cayla, it’s how my husband almost always introduces me. My coworkers and the parents of my kids’ friends call me Cathryn. And all those cool people I’ve met though the internet call me Elo, or some variation thereof; Elorithryn being my current and favorite.

But, whatever you call me, I’m still me.

I’m the girl who loves to create and will forever dwell in the land of her imagination. Writing is the hobby I spend the most amount of time on, though come October it falls by the wayside for Halloween costumes. In December it’s cooking gingerbread cookies and making cranberry sauce that eat away at my nights. But, whatever hobby I happen to be working on, you can be sure I’m creating something. That’s my passion.

But know this; I will be published one day. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next year. But it will happen. And this blog is about me getting there... eventually, and all the detours and sidetracks that happen given that I am a writing, working, mother.

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I think it's auspicious to start a blog on the Solstice. :-)

    I've always envied people who had interesting names. Mine is kind of the female version of "John Smith," which is why I have to use my middle initial all the time.

    But I had those sew-in labels for my camp clothes too--all on a roll like a ribbon. Nearly half a century later, I still have some in my sewing box. Can't bring myself to throw them away.

  2. He he. I'm gald to see someone's found me. Thank you. as to starting on the solstice, I hadn't even thought about that, but your right. I think it might very well be ausoicious. *grin*

    As to my name. Well I never eally thought of it as interesting. At least no my given name. I've got a conveluted story as tohow I came up with the first version of Elo that I used.

    and now to write myself a note to post something up tomorrow and see if I can't make this a weekly bloggng affair.

    :} Catthryn Leigh

  3. Hey, Elo! Glad to see you've made a blog at last. I've subscribed by email so you might not see my views on your stats, and I might not comment unless I really want to, but rest assured I am still here!

    You should've got WordPress, it makes life so much easier for me... *sigh*

    Anyway, I'm following, and thanks for the shout-out in your other post...

  4. @Del yeah I read your by e-mail too, so that makes sense. As to Word press it was too confusing at first. I might try it out a bit more later. Who knows. Right now this is a pretty private blog as I get the hang of things. *grin*

    I'm in a place where finding the time to write my own stories, plus doing a weekly blog is pretty hectic!

    As to the shout out, you're quite welcome. You to are responsible for all this you know. *wink*

    :} Cathryn Leigh

  5. Haaai! *tackle hugs*
    Be warned, I will now stalk your blog for all eternity. Welcome to the world! :D