Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where Am I On the Road to Publishing

My current project, Phoenix Triumphant came about though my participation in National Novel Writing Month. My first time and I managed to get down 53,551, but the draft wasn’t completed until the end of February with a final count of 95,792 words. Yes, I’ve kept track. Perhaps even scarier is the fact I’ve kept track of my editing ours too.

If you’ve clicked on the link you’ll see I’ve posted approximately 42 Protagonize chapters. I call them that because the Protagonize format is best suited for short chapters, so I try to keep their size between one and two pages. Still that’s a lot. I’m actually up to Chapter 57 in my editing, having managed to push past my latest stuck point. I get them now and again.

Finding time to write and edit can be hard. As my little description up there states I’ve got a husband, two kids, a career and other hobbies that need balancing with my writing. The hubby and I have a stay at home ‘date’ night on Friday’s once the kids are in bed. The kids require dinner and supervised bedtime, so I’m never free until 10 pm at the latest every night I’m home. The career keeps me occupied from 9 am till 5/5:30 pm, though thankfully, being mostly desk work, I’m not without my Protagonize (you’ll see this site come up a lot. It’s my writing life line and what keeps me motivated). Lastly, there are my other hobbies. They’ve pretty much take the back seat to writing.

And that’s where I am. Currently my writing is being posted on Protagonize (I’ve got a link to my Protagonize profile over on the side bar). I’ve been doing that for about two years and I’m still surprised to find I have fans. Spook (the scribbler) Of Night and Delorfinde “Miriam” Telcontar being two of my bestest friends from that site.


  1. Eek, you has hecticness! And I thought school was bad xD

    Aww, thanks for the shout out! I feel so loved. I'll be sure to get you in on mine sometime too, 'cause you're awesome, and the loonie Skathain/Errion bunch over here owe their existence to you, and without that I probably never would have got so into writing .. so yeh :)

  2. Heh. I think Del can claim more heckicness than me, though she doesn't have to cook dinner. I'm hoping I"ll find more time once the kids are in school. How I'd love to be a work from home mom once they both start. I'd probably still manage to overbook myself... he he.

    As to the shout out you're quite welcome. If it wasn't for the exchanges between our characters I don't think my Phoenixes would have flown so far!

    :} Cathryn leigh (aka Elo)

  3. Hehe, I feel so chilled next to you two, despite the fact I feel pretty hectic-ed out too at times :P

    Aww, mutual support eh? Gotta love it ;)