Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Return to Routine

Well here it is Tuesday night time for another Blog entry. Not really sure what to write. I’m currently steeling back into a normal routine after having nearly two weeks of house guests. Boy that put a strain on my sanity. It was rough playing hostess for our 2nd annual Blow up Carroll County party, but the party goers seemed to make do.

No we don’t actually blow up Carroll County, but we do light off a bunch of ground based fireworks. Well the boys do. I just sit back with the kids and watch. My husband and his father made a trip into Pennsylvania to go to the firework warehouse. They got a really cool one called the Star Spangled Banner (I think). Anyway it was wicked worthy of being the finale (even though it wasn’t).

Amazingly enough I also managed to get in some edit time. My mother-in-law and I went off to Panara Bread to sip drinks and just not be around the kids and hubbies and, especially in her case, her mother. My husband’s Nana just moved in with his parents and so his mother has yet to fully adjust to having a third person living her house. I can totally understand where she is coming from.

Other than that it’s been fairly tame around here. I have a tap dance lesson tomorrow that I’m excited about. I never got a chance to practice, like I wanted to, but I’ve been running through parts of it mentally. We just don’t have a good floor for tapping. *pout*

And the kids, they are growing like weeds. Fiona (age 5.5) is now 47.25 inches (1.5 inches more than in March of this year. Brendan (age 3.5) is 42.75 inches (2.5 inches more than in March!). Yes, someday I will again be the shortest person in my family.

And so ends my rambling for the evening. *grin* Time to join in another teen role play and meet more people on Protagonize. *giggles*

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. Whew! Someone's been busy!
    Hope you enjoy your tap lesson, and don't worry, my Mum just became the (official) shortest too. Just think, now you can use the excuse "it's because I'm short, isn't it?" xD

  2. BAh. I'm sucking at tap... IT's cool and all but even though it's a begginer class, I'm surounded by dancers who don't have 1.5 left feet (hey I can dance, just takes me a wile to sort out that left foot). Basically the other kids are college students who used to go to the studio to dance. Some of them are even in theater/dance schools... yeah I'm not bad, but I suck when I'm surounded by talent!

    :} Cathryn Leigh