Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to the Phoenixes

Well yesterday was a big day. My daughter started Kindergarten. So far she is quite happy at school and she’s earning her Dino Dollars. Dino Dollars are the school’s way of positive reinforcement for being Ready, Respectful and Responsible. They get to spend them on a items, or save them for drawing and what not. I think I should institute a program like it at home. She bought home four of them today.

But, how about I get back to my main project; Phoenix Triumphant?

I haven’t be very diligent about recording my editing, or technically writing, hours lately, but I’ve been getting work done. It’s going the way it wants to go, not the way it was previously written. I’m cool with that now. It’s working out well.

General Jakubas Wholawski is as dastardly as ever and even if Sarah doesn’t tour his dungeon, you’ll want to kill him. SpookOfNight is sharpening her spork for him. Saddly rather than seeing it as a threat it gave him ideas and he wants a spork in his torture device bag of tricks...

Sarah is getting along well, though she’s not too happy at the moment. You can’t blame her, but Jason’s working as hard as he can to get them out. She’s cocked up an idea to rescue Lady Miriam though, if the other cast of characters lets me get that far.

Anyway, it’s time to write out Sarah’s dinner with Wholawski. Or, at least, fill out the school paper work my daughter brought home.

:} Cathryn Leigh

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  1. If he doesn't fear my spork, I shall resort back to the veggie catapults *evil glare*

    Still, glad your daughter's happy! Being happy at school makes most aspects of life a lot easier to deal with :)