Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Trio of Tasks

I must once again apologize for my day late blog. I don’t suppose anyone noticed.

There isn’t really much to say this week. I’m not working on my costume, I’m not working on my story, and I’m not working. Well, okay that’s not entirely true.

I did do some work on my costume in the last week. Everything has been cut out, so I started with my wings. The idea being I go for the hard part first. I’ve gotten so far as to sewing the three sections wing sections together for each one. Between each section is a channel in which I’ll put dowels to help the wing hold its shape. I need to do the leading edge (that’s the top part), which will hold two more dowels for stability, and a string, which should let me spread them. I’m still working on the whole how to attach them part.

As to my story, I’m posting it. I haven’t really done much for writing on it. I do hope to get some done on that tomorrow. It will all depend on how much time I have between my class and yoga.

I’m still working, however this week I’m not going in to work. Instead, I’m taking a class on becoming an ISO 13485 Lead Auditor. It’s a week long, starting at 7:30 am so I’ve been getting up at 5 am, so I can leave by 6 am. That way I can get into the city and be on time for my class. I only drive half way and then take public transportation in. No way I’m dealing with city traffic. So that’s why I’ve been tired. I also have a test on Friday to see if I get my certification for completion for the class. Wish me luck.

Of course, the funny part is I’ve been leading my company’s internal audits since 2 years ago or so. And if my young friends are confused by this last bit... don’t worry, it’s just my day job and someday I’ll save enough from it to buy a nice house on the water and be a full time writer without worrying too much about whether or not I make it big.

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. to quote Gandalf, "A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to." same with blogs. lateness implies the audience expects timeliness, which in turn implies you're writing for the audience and not for yourself. (;

  2. ^ I was just about to say what Jackerbie said, but he got there first xP

    Still, best of luck in your classes! I bet you'll pass with flying colours. I admire your efforts with the costume though! I'm useless with all things textile, so the fact that you know how to do it, and can probably pull it off, impresses me ooooogely :)

  3. Thanks Guys... I passed, or so the instructor said, but it has to all be compiled by the regualtory authroity so in four week I'll have a fancy little certificate...

    :} Cathryn Leigh