Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It’s NaNovel Update Number 1!

Well NaNo has begun and I’ve set up a little NaNo update template to minimize time spent away from my NaNovel. So here’s what I have to say on Day 2 of NaNoWriMo.

First, we have the Statistics*:

Total Word count:  6327
Total Page Count:  22
Total Time Spent:  5.31 hours
Average Words per minute:  20
Average Pages per hour:  4

*Don’t worry I’m not calculating that every time I post. Nope, I already have a spreadsheet that I log my start and end time, as well as the total words and pages. Then Excel does all the calculations for me. If you think that’s organized you should see my Nueri binder...

Second, we have the Write-Ins:

There are five weeks to NaNo this year, so I’m giving myself a goal to attend four Write-Ins AND the TGIO Party. I’ve already made it to the Kick-Off party, which was a blast. Being at my mom’s for this first week I’m going outside my region (and taking my Mom with me) to attend a Write-In on the south shore of Boston. We’ll be attending that tonight.

Lastly, we have my notes

I won a binder at the Kick-off party and spent the last week filling it with my map of the galaxy and the starships I’ve designed. Funny part is next year I’ll start work on designing one for my mom’s story that I’ve just about convinced her to do for NaNo next year.

Now as to how my story is going. I am having a blast. So is Stowaway, the large tabby feline, who gets to do the Cheshire Cat act because he knows he’s in a novel (this is Dare 1) and he’s decided that’s his purpose for being there (double dare) and he’s going to be trying to convince them they are in a novel (double credit). Only I think he’s doing that more for his own entertainment than anything else.

Oh, I’ve also managed to find a way to mention a few trilogies that my friends and I have written *grin*

Rachael let out a swear as the deceleration made her mess up her course.
“Have you down loaded anything new to my tablet?’ Michael asked.
“Death and Fairies, Aeserion and The Phoenixes of Vervell.” Rachael spoke responded with out paying much attention to what she said.

That’s right through out the story I get to make references to these three book as Michael works on translating the ancient Latin alphabetic texts to the oriental like character language now used. Apparently, Rachael’s father used to read these trilogies to his kids. She can’t read the Latin alphabet and translation keeps Michael out of her hair while they’re out in space.

Now, should I start counting the number of times Rachael beds someone? I could include Michael too, to increase the count. He’s not nearly as bad as her though and only beds others out of necessity. (What happened to those anti harassment laws? I have no idea!)

And now I’m off to do some old fashioned cooking on a wood stove. *giggles* It’s back down from the year 4000 AC (after Colonization) to 1800 AD. I’m just a century hopper!

Oh and how are you NaNovels going?

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. LOL! What an epic plan - I may see if I can persuade my lovely gits to slip in some fourth-wall breakage into my story, but that's as far as I can go. Curse them and their lack of allowing me to screw up their minds xP

  2. (~Pity~ Stowie remarks ~despite the fact I can not be heard by my fellow characters I am having a lot of fun, although I'm hoping she comes up with another way to put in a Calico cat and a Black-Eyed Susan~)

    He complains about our Maryland Dare after telling me himself that he licked his fur to Calico and put the pattern of a black-eyed Susan on his head *eye roll* Still I can tell he's having fun.

  3. (If you think I'm letting her into MY head you have another thing coming! - Vidal looks disgusted at the idea - And Gallirael runs away too fast. Pansanger's probably too normal to mess with. Veraxes is too thick to have anything interesting to mess with. And Sephirax would rip Spook to bits if she tried anything. Vayindar would piss on her first)

    ... Hehe, yeah, I can't really afford to mess with this lot. *whispers* They'll get me if I do!

  4. NaNo novel's fully plotted. It's zipping along...this bit...and that.
    I WANT more time to just DO it.
    I feel like calling in...dead, to work:
    'regret to inform he choked on a bony word, and will be unavailable because he's currently dead, though will return to work Dec.1'.
    Something those lines, y'know :D