Thursday, November 17, 2011

It’s NaNovel Update Number 3!

All right we’ve gotten over the midway hump and we’re now at Day 17 of NaNoWriMo!  

First, we have the Statistics:

Total Word count:  42,805
Total Page Count:  146*
Total Time Spent:  34.55 hours
Average Words per minute:  20
Average Pages per hour:  4

*by the way, I’ve got my pages set up with double spacing, that why the page count might look a little high. I’m planning on printing this for editing by hand, rather than the electronic method I’ve been using for Phoenix Triumphant.

Second, we have the Write-Ins:

Well the family and my husband’s work have been conspiring against me. Still after a failed attempt at making it to the local library on last Wednesday I made it last night! I even found a fellow Writer there, trying to make up for lost days. I averaged 28 words per minute in the hour I was there, so I’d say it was successful. Still hoping to get to one of the big Write-In’s that happen closer to my work.

Lastly, we have my notes

Okay, so Light Speed is pretty slow when you have to travel 1,000 light years. I’ve discovered some interesting things about space travel. There’s a lot, and I mean A LOT of time spent twiddling your thumbs. Thankfully Rachael has an over a million books on file and has Michael to translate some of the more ancient works written by me, Miriam and Spook in the 21st Century A.D. Remember Rachael and company are living in the 41st Century A.C. (After Colonization).

I have gotten around to introducing Michael’s half-brother, Kron, and Rachael and Michael’s daughter, Lupita. In fact she’s got the best line written so far, so I think today’s excerpt will feature that. I’m looking forward to introducing Adam soon, the cybernetic aborted baby of Rachael and Traverse. Let me tell you. This is a fun cast!

“I think I’ve found a solution to your problem on how to fund your revolution,” Kron stated.
Lupita sipped the tea, but was wary of the Vidal. Kron had warned her about the stuff when he’d first stashed it in his house. To have him bring it out was a sign that something big was up. Bigger, she suspected, than his off handed comment about funding.
“Is it legal?”
“Not in the least.” Kron shook his head as he sipped his Vidal and then his tea. “Might involve Pirates too.”
“Space Pirates?” Lupita leaned forward, eager to know more.
“And you’re mom.” Kron sipped his Vidal and then his tea. He chuckled. “You can close your mouth now.
“Sorry,” Lupita sat back and nearly drank her Vidal in one sip. Luckily the burning stopped her and she spit half of it back. She gulped the tea, though it burned in a different manner going down her throat. “You could have been a bit more tactful.”
“Yes, but I’d say that expression was worth a kilo of Transium.”
Lupita snorted. “Don’t make me go Transition on your ass.”
Kron frowned. “You’ve been hanging around them boys too much.”
“Them boys, are going to be my army, if I can get them some weapons,” Lupita spat back. “So how’s this funding, my mom and Space Pirates linked together.”
“Not quite sure yet, but you know that spacer you’re Dad’s been traveling with?”
“The ‘Spacer bitch’?” It was the term she’d heard thrown about by her grandmother the few time Kron had gotten her close enough. Just glimpses of her father, but she’d known it was him. Whatever pack instinct came with being one of the Nueri Nin Ni, told her that he was family, close family, just as it had told her that Kron was related, though it’d taken longer to figure out how.
Kron leaned forward and Lupita reeled in her thoughts. “Well that ‘spacer bitch’ happens to be your mother.”
Luppita’s jaw dropped once more, but this time she kept enough cool to quickly close it before Kron could comment. “Are you sure,” she looked at Kron sideways, looking for any hint that he was pulling her leg.
“Your father just about came out and said it... How did he put that to me?” Kron sat back as he sipped the last of his Vidal while thinking. “Something along the lines of they got hitched when they were teens, only she went by a different name back then.”
Lupita froze, tea cup half way to her lips. “You’re not joking one iota?”
“No,” Kron looked dead serious. “And she’s got an in to the black market, IF we can supply the Transium.”

For thsoe of you who know Spook and a little bit about her NaNo Project, the Vidal drink, a gin made flavored with Vidallia from the twin sun system of Tellirax, was indeed named for her character, Vidal. Don't worry, they gave me their seal of approval.

And What about you, my readers, how ar you doing? And how are your NaNovels going?

:} Cathryn Leigh {:


  1. Vidal's grinning from ear to ear and says he feels very famous, lol xD

    Freaking love Lupita already. As you know, my wordcount is over 50k, but due to murdered inspiration (from you know who ...) I'm stopping there, going to hopefully regain some creativity and get on with something fresh.

    In the meantime, I'm amusing myself with plotting the Aeserion rewrites. It feels like forever since I worked with them, it's like meeting old friends. Albeit friends who want to kill me *cackles*

  2. Oh Spook, do you have any characters that don't want to kill you?

    And you're welcome Vidal. :}

  3. Errr ... Mirka doesn't! Erin wouldn't dare. Gallirael's too much of a wuss. And Hama likes me ... though she is prone to suspiciously forceful hugs.... *shifty eyes* xD

  4. ruh oh, i've already caught myself proofreading! that's why i'd never be able to do NaNo: too much of a perfectionist. looks like you're holding out strong, though!

    also: my catpcha is "buydrug." heheh.

  5. Hard not to proof read Jack, if i have to go back and look up a fact I've written down, I find myself correcting typos and adding forgotten words (at least the second is useful to word count). Now if only I could have the tale stop telling back story and get on WITH the story so that I can actually write "The End" this year.

    Oh and what's this catpcha of yours? You had it in your other comment and now I'm curious. :}

  6. heh, the captcha is the randomly generated code word that people need to type in order to leave a comment, meant to keep spam at bay. you don't have to type one 'cause this be your blog. but for instance, after i hit "Post Comment" a box will come up with... "cother" in it, and i have to type that word before this comment is posted. which i did. so this is now posted. so meta.

  7. Ahh, I understand now. I had no idea there was a term for those. But I suppose people would get tired of saying 'randomly generated letter code'so they came up with the term captcha. Thanks for the insight. :}