Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s NaNovel Update Number 5!

Here we are on the last day, Day 30 of NaNoWriMo and I have written “The End” on my story!

First, we have the FINAL Statistics:

Total Word count:  81,202
Total Page Count:  275
Total Time Spent:  60.39 hours
Average Words per minute:  23
Average Pages per hour:  5

Second, we have the Write-Ins:

Yes, I FINALLY made it to the write-in in Columbia, like I’ve always wanted. It was good. I got in over 5,000 word written and though I didn’t win any word wars, I did get some word counts up in the top spots. And, as I said I did finish the novel while there. It was cool and I am sad I won’t be going to the TGIO party; however I can’t be too sad because it’s my hubby's company party and they throw awesome bashes!

Lastly, we have my notes

So let’s see... I’ve got one revolution started... a load of illegal Transium shipped of planet in exchange for weapons for the revolutionaries. One ancient general who’s changed sides to help the ones he once suppressed. Have I finished the revolution? Nope, maybe next year... or whenever I actually turn The Nueri into a real novel, or series... It’s pretty haphazard right now. Anyway, let’s see if I can get some sort of quote for you.

Here we have Rachael playing mind games with the psychologist Michael’s father (Ivan) hired to try to prove she is crazy so he can fire her. Yeah... I don’t think so Ivan. ;}

“Do you know anything about Vidal?” Rachael asked as she spun in the seat the woman had provided. “it’s a very intriguing drink you know.”
You with to talk about the drink that is the most expensive of the 18 planets?” Alison asked, as she took notes upon her tablet.
“Yes, I think it explains a lot of things. Like, Michael for instance.”
“And how is Michael explained by Vidal?”
“Well you see,” Rachael stated, “Vidal is made from this one particular plant, the Vidallia, that grown ONLY on the twin sun planet system of Terillax Nine.”
“Alright so, Michael is grown here on Beta Vegas Five?”
“Well he was born of one man under very specific condition here on Beta Vegas five. But it doesn’t just stop there.” Rachael stopped spinning to look at Alison. “You see, he’s like Vidal in that he has a duplicity. One side will kill you and the other a mild mannered man. But it’s the side that will kill you I find most thrilling, just as in Vidal it’s it the D that will ive you death, but also tastes the best upon the tongue.”
“I’m not sure I follow...” Alison stated and Rachael leaned forward to look into the woman’s eyes. She smirked.
“You really don’t know do you?” Rachael sat back and laughed. “Oh this is so precious.”
“Cut the crap Rachael,” Alison stated. “You and I know what happened in the past your being as difficult now as you were then.
“See then that means I haven’t changed.’ Rachael did another spin, reveling in the power she currently held now. “He asked you to find me insane didn’t he?”
“You are insane.”
“No, I beg to different,” Rachael smiled. “You see I’m completely sane as I can be. I know exactly what I am doing and I have control. I’m not the one expecting this counseling session to be anything different than what it was before. If you do then that means you’re the one who is insane. Isn’t that the text book definition?”
“No,” Alison stated flatly.
“No, that’s right that’s a literary reference you probably wouldn’t get. Pity I can’t say whose quote that is as they passed away long before the record were backed up and we lost a lot of names to the great computer glitch.”
“The computer glitch is a child’s fantasy to explain the origin of the faster than light drive.”
“Tell that to the Trekkies or the Star Wars fans. Have you seen a millennium flacon today?”
“Enough!” Alison’s voice rose in pitch and Rachael knew she’d hit home.
“Look, you best get out of here, as fast as the ship that brought you in can take you.” Rachael once more leaned forward. “I think you know the dangerous life I like to lead and the line I’m probably going to walk and cross.”
“If you mean you’re going to go planet side and look for Nueri....”
“Oh but I’ve already been down there, spent the happiest portion of my life there. But, Ivan doesn’t remember does he? Oh no, his mind is slowly degrading from overuse of Deep Sleep.” Rachael smiled. “Oh yes, he’s on that drug. He has a son over one hundred years old... Tell me Alison.” Rachael brought her face next to the councilor. “Ever been with a woman before?”

And what about you, my readers, how are you doing? And are your NaNovels done?

:} Cathryn Leigh {:


  1. (We are most disturbed - Vidal and his brood eye Rachael with the sort of wariness they usually reserve for each other)

    Bahahaha, I love the spacer b*tch so much - best extract ever! Read your entry on Eloo's blog as well, and I want to hug Ryan so badly right now *snuffles*

    Planning to start revamping my NaNolets now. Wondering who I should pick on first *grins*

  2. (What? - Rachael asks with a smirk - Oh Elo didn't explain did she? See Alison and I have a past history. She was dread Pirate Roberts (for lack of a better name)* ship head shrink and lover. I didn't take well to her prying into questions about my family after I'd woken from Deep sleep and found them dead. Then I sort of well encroached upon her territory you might say - she leans forward to whisper - Don't tell Adam but traverse could be his half brother as opposed to father)

    *facepalm* Yeah... there is that. Wonder if Lupita will sniff that fact out. *snickers* If it is true... I haven't decided yet. :}

    *Awesomest word padding name EVAH! *giggles*