Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I’ve got the Post NaNoWriMo Blues

“Writing a novel is like giving birth to a baby, complete with post-novel-ing depression” – me spoken to my husband.

Yes, NaNo is over and though by the end I was done fed up with writing about Rachael and her crew (they went everywhere without trying to forward the plot), I do miss them. But it is time to set them aside and get back to work on my other projects. I have three, writing ones that is. I also need to prepare for Sunday School (on Sunday) and Girl Scouts on Monday. Why’d I become a Co-leader? Oh right, because if no one stepped forward my daughter wouldn’t have a troop and she really wanted to be a Girl Scout. But back to my writing...

The first project is, of course, Phoenix Triumphant. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting back into it. It’s getting easier, especially after reading the comments from its biggest fans who were all dancing with joy upon reading the first chapter posted after NaNo. I would never have gotten nearly as far, nor had the drive to really take it to the next level if it wasn’t for those girls.

My second project, and I know at least one blog reader will be jumping with joy, is Faerie Bound. Beware if you click that link, the story is over 200 chapters long and you have to go back and forth between two stories to get the full picture. My mother stayed up till 3 am reading it. Anyway I know Morgan is excited to get back to it. I’m sure Ash will be as well. Those are characters, by the way, but my co-conspiring authors are Moonwalker, SpookOfNight and Anna’s. Anna’s been a little recluse lately, having hit the hard years of school, but I’m hoping she can help even if she doesn’t have time to write from Mike’s perspective.

And my last writing project is The Prisoner, which I blogged about in August of this year. For this one I have Moonwalker (again) and Burndtree. We’ve each taken on the role of one of the characters to write for and decided that giving them genders would make it so much easier. Jordan is a female, spoiled brat, teen. Peyton is a male, adventurer for hire, adult. And Riley is a scrappy senior sorceress. That’s going to be a fun cast to work with don’t you think?

I also think I‘ll take a break at some point next year and finish my Dragon Queen costume. Perhaps I’ll make it my birthday present for myself so I won’t hit the OMG I have to make costumes for the kids deadline.

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. Aww, I feel honoured at being the drive behind your trilogy - suppose it's a kind of poetic justice that you were the drive behind mine too, hee hee!

    Yeah, we DO need to get back to work on Faerie Bound don't we ... shush Ash, I don't care if Gallirael's teasing you, I'm trying to have a civilised conversation here! Just growl at him and he'll go away for goodness sake *facepalm*
    Yep, we need to sort that out... and Anna's has no excuse - she's in the same school year as me now, bwua ha ha ha ha xP

  2. Yes, My change to my blog means I can post comments (I hope) *grin*

    I've changed the description of Riley the mage for PRisoners as Moon rightfully pointed out, she' not crochety, but no-nonsense. Sorry for that *blush of shame*

    Now Spook - you mission for he new year - get Anna to participate! *grin* And Ash, when life gets you down just remember Morgan's huggles, okay? *careful hug* We'll get you back to yourself in no time.

    :} Cathryn