Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phoenix may Triumph, but The Queen Needs her Wings!

So I’ve finished editing Phoenix Triumphant and, as my Protagonize fans know, I have only six chapters left to post. It feels weird to be done with editing. I floundered a bit last night, not quite knowing what to do with myself. I haven’t gotten up at 5 am to edit either. But, my goal to finish editing and posting by February 29, will be accomplished.

Next up on my list of things to do is edit Sarah’s Phoenix, or more to the point re-write it. I want that done by the end of September so I can send it out for critique. However, the month of march is going to be about preparing for that. I’ve got me a to do list.
  • Revamp the map – I’m found the perfect are on the globe to use and I’m putting my county in the southern hemisphere. Nothing like setting a northern hemisphere girl down under. Just one more thing for Sarah to get used to.
  • Outline the whole plot – Looking at the spreadsheet I used to keep track of time, distance, and events, it’s clear why Sarah’s Phoenix is only 28K words – Nothing happens! So I’m going to fix that by outlining Wholawski’s rise to power and his dastardly deed. Sarah’s going to be coming to face with a few things sooner rather than later. *snickers* I may even be mean enough to have Sarah witness Allmarah’s kidnapping... not that she’d realize it at the time. *grin*
  • Move Sarah’s Phoenix to a private group – just something that will have to be done when i start revamping it. But, I don’t want to delete it because I want to keep the comments from my readers for posterity.

The unmodified dress
But before getting into all that work. I’m giving myself a break, well just from my Phoenixes.  I’ve still got my collaborations to work on and a novel to finish reading. Still I feel I deserve a reward. Not a food reward mind you, but my other pleasure, a costume reward. I’m going to start work on my Dragon Queen Costume and hopefully finish her wings. I believe I mentioned my Dragon Queen a while ago, well now, her are some pictures of it in its current state. Plus my the inspiration for my wings... sadly they didn’t come out nearly as well as they hoped, but hopefully they will end up cool.

My inspiration and pattern

The Wings  - They do not stay extended on their own. However you can see how thin the material is that I used. I still have to work out how I'm going to actually wear them. The trick is to make them somewhat easy to get on and off for traveling.

:} Cathryn Leigh / Elorithryn


  1. Ooooh! Your wing sketch is amazing - it's really detailed o_O
    I bet it'll be great, once you work out the technicalities. Where there's a will, there's a way, after all!

    1. I just need a little more free time and some dedicated space. I found a guy who made these giant wings for Burning Man (a crazy event that happens in the desert of California) who detailed how he made his opening wings.

      However he's an artist with metal working tools at his disposal. I was looking for something a little lighter and more portable (though the fact they survived being ware whil eriding a mortorcycle down the highway was appealing to me...)

      Anyway I have some ideas. :}

  2. Yay for finishing editing! I'm about 10% of the way through edit-reading Phoenix Rising at the moment :D

    1. Sweetness. Do you want to supply me with a fresh copy of Watching for my critiquing?