Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Dog, a Pageant and a Play?

Oh, my word, this week has felt crazy!
  • I finished reading this months novel
  • I had a short story published
  • I spent the day at the Zoo with my daughter’s kindergarten class
  • I’ve participated in an afternoon of dance rehearsal
  • We’ve adopted a puppy

And that’s on top of taking care of the kids, the husband, the house, going to work and all that. Yeah, I’m feeling a bit exhausted. Somehow, I will survive. I have before. It’s just one of those deep breath nights. Now, let me expand on the first two topics. *grins*

ReviewThe Best Revenge by Anne R. Allen

I purchased this book on my Kindle as part of the Camilla Randall Mystery Box Set. Having just gotten used to figuring out how to judge where I was in a book, reading a book in a set threw me off. Somewhere around 25% of the way through I had to put the book down because I wasn’t certain I could handle it if Camilla’s life got any lower. Once I started it again, I quickly finished The Best Revenge (at 33% through the set).

What a relief.

Anne's writing pulled me in so deep that every time I came out of the book I’d be shaking from the emotional ride. Poor Camilla, debutant of the high society, thrust from her innocent world into one of sex and drama. Is she a darling in need of protection as playwright Plantagenet Smith believes? Or is she a spit fire young woman who can take on the world as reporter Jonathan Kahn believes? Oh and did I mention there’s the mystery of who killed the rocks star and some other sneaky mysteries lurking in the background ? Like I said, Camilla is put through a lot, but I’ll let you read to find out how she gets through it all.

Okay, so this is the last topic for the night. (I need some sleep before I have to wake up and tend to the potty needs of puppy and son.) That’s right, I’m an officially published author! After submitting a short story to Mark Williams, a few months ago, he took it and ran... Okay not quite. He did surprise me with an e-mail that included this link. And there is was, “The Harvest Pageant” by Cathryn Leigh a MWiDP single! (Can I also squee because they are the same people who published that box set above? *giggles*) It’s up on Amazon UK too.

Saffina Desforges wrote the intro (which is also posted on the Amazon page) I like the last paragraph best:
“Traditional fairy tales can sometimes be dark and brooding, and overly-stretched, while modern day fairy tales are often written in a modern style that ill-fits the setting. In The Harvest Pageant Cathryn Leigh achieves a delightful balance, with exotic settings and names, classic fairy tale themes, and a sound moral base, all told in a single short story that’s just right for bed-time reading.”

Wow, I would have never have thought about that story as kids bedtime story. After all, it’s the same setting as my Phoenix Trilogy, which isn’t a children’s book at all. Maybe I can write kids tales. I don’t know, but I’ll be trying my hand at more short stories. Now that my name is out there, I feel the need to write and polish more!

*GINORMOUS HUGGLES* Saffina and Mark – You made my day! (and potentially my week, maybe month, not likely year though, that’ll come when I finally get a novel out *giggles*)

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. Ah, I've read one of the Camilla Randall books - "Sherwood Ltd" I think. I love Plantagenet, he's just hilarious. And adorable.

    One moment please .... *a loud fanfare blares out of nowhere, complete with falling confetti, pom poms and a dancing aardvark*


    1. I'm guessing Plant gets a little more lovable then. He certainly seems like a guy who could, but in the first book - well he needs to figure himself out! *grins*

      "Sherwood, Ltd" is the last book of the trilogy, so I'll be reading it in... July I guess, presuming I read the second book (whose name currently escapes me) in June. :}

      *grins big and wide* I Knows! *joins in the dancing*

  2. That description of it made me smile :) I think it's one of those stories that kids would like on the surface and adults would get the deeper metaphors and stuff.

    1. Very true. :} It's amazing what outside eyes see that I wouldn't have even looked for.

      It's a strange validation that makes me go, well, maybe I can write. *grins*

  3. Thanks so much for the review of the Best Revenge! I hope you like the next two--in which Camilla develops some stronger survival skills (including the clever use of the designer shoe as a weapon.) :-)

    And congrats on your MWiDP Single! I see big things for the single program. People ARE busy and it's nice to have a quick story to read on your phone while you're waiting in line somewhere.

    1. No Problem. Somehow I can see Camilla doing that... afterall she used hairspray on a megger *giggles* (I think I like Violet best of all the characters though - she's the kind of old lady I hope to be, preferably with less husbands though *grins*)

      Anyway - yes. thank you. Now I need to work on my short story skills - which ought to hone my novel writing skills - and. Yup business indeed. :}


    1. Thank you Burdntree. And look up there a page fro my books. So cool! (yes I'm still being a little giddy school girl inside) :}

  5. Blog award for Cathryn!
    You get the hideously spelled 'Kreativ Blogger' award :D

    1. Somehow that's oddly appropriate. :}