Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Delinquent Blog Brought to you by...


So even though I had this post already to go my brain wanted to do some coloring. But now on to our regularly scheduled programing... No wait Look it’s another random blog award!

The Kreativ Blogger Award has given to me by Miriam Joy. She claims it’s because I’m creative, but I secretly suspect it’s also because of my occasional kreativ spellings. And what tasks have been assigned to me via this award? Hm...
  • Answer 9 questions – That doesn’t sound too hard.
  • Provide 10 facts – I think I can manage that.
  • Pass it on to 7 people – No, I’m not going to. Sorry, but I’m playing dead end.

Okay, now on to the questions and facts.

  1. What is your favorite song?  - Step-by-Step by John McCutcheon has a lot songs I love, but Step-by-step is my anthem. It reminds me that things will get done, one step at a time and to ask for help when needed, because you can’t always do it alone. *grin*
  2. What is your favorite dessert? – That’s a tough question, but I’m going to go with an ooey gooy hot fudge brownie topped with mint chocolate chip ice cream, whip cream and a cherry. *drools*
  3. What ticks you off? – When my kids don’t listen to me or do what I ask them to do (really anyone who doesn’t listen when I’m trying to tell them to stop doing something). Sadly it’s tears before anger so when Daddy asks, “And why should you listen to Mommy?”, Fiona answers “So that she doesn’t cry.” *sigh*
  4. When you’re upset, what do you do? – I tend to hide and cry. I’ve got a lot of tears and it seems to be the best way to let out my upset... crying coupled with chocolate and a good book to escape into, works wonders. Though more often,  it’s sleep that I really need. *zzzz*
  5. What is your favorite pet? – My husband... he counts right? If not then, currently I have to say my kitty Dusteen (RIP). She was a rescue kitten we adopted shortly after my mother kicked her mental x-bf out of the house. Dusteen may have been prone to wobbling, flopping and thunding on stairs, but she was full of purrs for me. I miss falling asleep to her lullabies. *sniffles*.
  6. Which do you prefer: black or white? – I consider them equal, though white tends to show a lot more of my life with kids and the black puppy. *grin*
  7. What is your attitude? – I can be sarcastic or serious, but in general I prefer to be lighthearted. *giggles*
  8. What is perfection? – I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I find out. *grin*
  9. What is your guilty pleasure? – Writing pure teenage romance. The kind that plays out my dream of what I wish high school might have ended as if my outcast self met the cool, secretly geeky, jock. Reading romances makes me feel a little guilty, too.
  1. I seriously dislike making random lists. Unless it has a direction (like a grocery list, or to do list) I find it very hard, therefore the remainder of this list will be facts from my university days.
  2. I applied to two universities, one in Kansas (near my grandparents) and one near home (that my boyfriend went to). I got into both, but choose to go to the latter.
  3. The day I went to my orientation was the day I decided to go from Liberal Arts Undecided to a Bachelor of Science in Textile Chemistry; however, they wouldn’t let me switch my major until a week after school started.
  4. The boyfriend mentioned above and I broke up on my mom’s birthday my first semester at the university.
  5. About four months later I started hanging out with a new guy, whom I haven’t been able to get rid of (as if I’d want to *giggles and grins*).
  6. I found out I could have tested out of Physics, after I’d taken the second semester.
  7. My chemistry teacher (whom I had for five semesters plus) was always telling me I should be a straight Chemistry major
  8. I tutored Chemistry five hours a week in my last two years University, and loved it (especially when I had students to tutor).
  9. There was only one Textile Chemistry major who graduated with me, yet I knew the Chemistry Majors in my year better.
  10. I have two diplomas, one says magna cum laude, the other summa cum laude. The later was sent as a correction to the former after the graduation ceremony. 

Next week I’ll try to be a bit more serious. Any suggestions for topics? I’ve been thinking about starting that world building. I’ve already done a post on Maps. (See look I’ve sort of completed mine.) *grins*

:} Cathryn Leigh


  1. Eeeee! *oogles map and dribbles a little*

    Gah, has Thor got to you with the stress relief yet? I'll have to check if Loki put the right co-ordinates into the catapult. Hope everything clears up for you soon - and your academic career makes my head hurt. Charley no liketh the Chemistreh! xD

    1. When our inspection is over I'll try to bring the map to work so I can scan it. I'll probably make an enlarged copy of Cumnor for you.

      Not yet. I'm still waiting. No unexpected Thunder Storms to speak of. *sigh* I keep waiting. :}

      Yes, well I've always had the head for science and math... I'm sort of a well rounded person I suppose. :}

    2. That would be awesome - I need to work out where all the blinking southern countries go, lol!

      Dammit! Loki, we got the co-ordinates wrong again! Send some minion to retrieve your brother from wherever you've managed to send him crashing into and we'll try again .... and we will try to avoid being hit with Mjolnir this time, alright?

      Haha, good for you I say - I'm hopeless at most things involving numbers. thankfully that still leaves me a good variety of things to be good-ish at xD

    3. Okay So I owe you a map and some papers from my art class on proportions... *sigh* Someday I'll actually be able to remember thigns like these...

      Heh. No worries, why don't you let poor thor rest for a moment. Maybe you should send him via dream scape, preferably well before the puppy needs to go out. :}

      No one really needs to be good at everything. It's part of why we're all happy doing different jobs. :}

  2. I do not understand your university system O.o