Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Between Time and Place

Packing’s been the name of the game this week. Tomorrow I hop on a plane for Texas to attend a friend’s wedding, sans kids. Then on Sunday I hope another flight to Florida to meet up with the kids at in-laws for a week of fun in the sun!

But enough of what I’m doing. 

I’ve finally gotten around to reading The Time Baroness by Georgina Young-Ellis; A book graciously given to me by Mister International Mark for reading and reviewing. He chosen well, yet again (though I have to confess I liked A Thousand Glass Flowers better). But, the cool thing about the time baroness is that it proved to be valuable research for my Phoenixes.

How, you ask? Well it’s simple Cassandra ends up in a similar situation to Sarah. Only Cassandra’s a bit more, okay A LOT more prepared because it’s scheduled time travel and Cassandra has a return date. She’s been studying the time period – that of Jane Austin – she’s had a few pieces of clothing made – she’ll buy the rest when she gets there – and her turn has now come.

Choosing to go three years after Jane Austin passed away, Cassandra embarks on a one year journey into the life style Jane’s books embodied. She’s there to observe and take notes, to write a paper about her experiences. But, just being an observer is hard than she thought, as she’s drawn to the upper, and lower, class circles. Finding herself in her own Austin like tale, Cassandra must face increasingly difficult challenges as her year long stay comes to a close.

In a way Sarah’s jealous, since Cassandra has a way to return home to her family and friends, but I suspect that in some ways Cassandra might be jealous of Sarah – especially if you discount everything that goes on in book 3. Anyway back to how this is research. Well Georgina probably did a lot of research and her portrayal of Cassandra’s acceptance, how she both is and is not, was something for me to take note of.

Looking at those notes I’m thinking Sarah may be disguising herself as a man sooner than I thought. Now won’t that put Jason in a funny pickle. It certainly will put an interesting spin on book 1. I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Now it’s well past my bedtime, so I say 'Adios', and if you all like next Wednesday I’ll post up my, technically Sarah and Jason’s, responses to the 2012 March Beautiful People questions. Unless you want me to regale you with tales of the wedding and Florida.

*giggles and grin*
:} Leigh, Cathryn


  1. That sounds like an interesting book - time travel as research? I'm not a big Jane Austen fan, though, as you know ;)

    Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged.

    1. True. So I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book to you. But really why else would you do time travel if not to do research into what it was really like? (Well if you're not supposed to change anything.)

      And you tagged me... yikes. Well I guess I know what I'll have to do next week - but these are starting to feel like chain letters. (I hate chain letters.) :}

  2. I'm a writer marching toward publication, too, with kids and a currently hiding in the bathroom reading and writing:) Good luck in your's right around the corner! Nice writing!

    1. Thank you. It's rough isn't it? Balancing everything. Right now I'm at the In-laws trying to outline while listening to the kids play with their Pop-pop and daddy. Not a bad ambiance. :}

  3. *Spook has hysterical giggle-snorts at the thought of the palaver a disguised Sarah could cause for Jason* Oooooh, my villain senses are going all over the place at that! *cackles maniacally*

    Shush! Bad Spooky xP

    Sounds like an awesome book you read there - I might have to try it out sometime, if I get a chance before exams ... *shudders*

    1. It does speak of fun doesn't it? Sarah taking on the male disguise earlier. Still his troop would know, since Sarah wouldn't have been disguised when they first found her. *snickers* I might time her arrival differently too, in that case. *giggles* We'll see...

      Anyway, yes, The Time baroness was indeed a fun book and the author did keep me wondering how it was all going to work out.